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introducing h2 database

Features Feature List Comparison to Other Database Engines H2 in Use Connection Modes Database URL Overview Connecting to an Embedded (Local) Database In-Memory Databases Database Files Encryption Database File Locking Opening a Database Only if i…

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Project Lombok

–> –> Video: Lombok Demo No video playback capabilities detected. Why not download it instead?MPEG4 / H.264 (Windows / Mac) | Ogg Theora & Vorbis “.ogv” (Linux) To play the video in the webpage, please do one of the following: Upgrade to Firefox…

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al of the Equinox project is to be a first class OSGi community and foster the vision of Eclipse as a landscape of bundles. As part of this, it is responsible for developing and delivering the OSGi framework implementation used for all of Eclipse….

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