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hal2000 220x180 Make your Computer Greet you on Login [Quick Tip]

We’re always seeing it on TV: John Doe logs onto his computer and the computer says “Welcome, John.”

Here’s  how to make your computer greet you, upon your return.

Write a simple script…

It’s actually pretty easy and you don’t have to buy or even download any software to do it. Just open Notepad and type the following text:

Dim speaks, speech
speaks="Welcome, John"
Set speech=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.Speak speaks

Replace the text “Welcome, John” with anything you like. Remember to use punctuation to get the pronunciation more correct.

Save the file with the .vbs extension (Greetings.vbs) and put it in the Startup folder.

Now, each time you log on, you will be greeted by Microsoft Anna (or John, depending on your windows version).

Fun Tip!

Create one for a unknowing friend (“Oh No, Not YOU again! Please Log Off now!”), place this on his or hers computer, and enjoy the reaction.

Additional Settings

The Voice Properties have several settings:

.Pause = pause speaking
.resume = resume after pause
.Rate = speed at which voice speaks. The larger number, the faster pitch.
.Voice = you can use set and a voice value to change the voice (if multiple exist on machine)
.Volume = volume of voice (not system volume, just voice). The number is Percentage.
.WaitUntilDone = wait until done – you get the idea.

You may add these settings like this:

with speech
Set .voice = .getvoices.item(0)
.Volume = 100
.Rate = 0
end with

If you only want to add one setting you can also do it like this: speech.volume=50.

Add the settings before the last line.

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