Month: June 2011

introducing h2 database

Features Feature List Comparison to Other Database Engines H2 in Use Connection Modes Database URL Overview Connecting to an Embedded (Local) Database In-Memory Databases Database Files Encryption Database File Locking Opening a Database Only if i…

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Project Metrics Help – Cohesion metrics

LCOM1, LCOM2 and LCOM3 — less suitable for VB LCOM1, LCOM2 and LCOM3 are not as suitable for Visual Basic projects as LCOM4. They are less accurate especially as they don’t consider the impact of property accessors and procedure calls, which are b…

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Project Lombok

–> –> Video: Lombok Demo No video playback capabilities detected. Why not download it instead?MPEG4 / H.264 (Windows / Mac) | Ogg Theora & Vorbis “.ogv” (Linux) To play the video in the webpage, please do one of the following: Upgrade to Firefox…

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